Temporary Roofs Coverings

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It is often said that UK weather is unique making it is so unpredictable. A temporary Roof is a great way of waterproofing and weather proofing structures. We at Lite use the latest suitable systems and technique in London. No matter the size of the project we can provide you with the best temporary roof access in London. We build the Temporary roof in the way that is strong enough to withstand the London winds.
If you need to continue working during inclement weather or if you need to protect the structure and fabric of a building whilst re roofing then you should consider a temporary roof.

LITE Scaffolding has been erecting temporary roofs for over 15 years and is now a market leader for erecting temporary roofs structures of any shape or size.

Why a Temporary Roof Covering: 

It provides protection for your property 

It allows for faster completion times  

Saves money  

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